Kardexremstar - Vertical Carousel, Shuttle VLM, Horizontal Carousel

Kardexremstar Shuttle Vertical Lift / Megamat Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

The Kardexremstar Shuttle vertical lift & Megamat vertical carousel will reduce the space required to store just about anything, by using Vertical Technology you can access space up to 99 high while keeping your feet on the ground, as well as increasing productivity in high pick-and-put suituations as much as 125%.

Ideal for small parts assembly lines, inventory storage, work-in-progress and warehousing, its fingertip delivery within seconds saves time and reduces operator fatigue.

Shuttle Vertical Lift

Megamat Vertical Carousels

Storage Racks

Movable Rack

Movable Shelving

Materials Control Software

Inplant Office

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